We’re in a serious relationship…actually a few…–Sabrina

Establishing another organization as your partner is not just a title or something you get to mention on your website. Having relationships with other nonprofit organizations or other business professionals who are in the same field as you and/or specialize in something you need to be done is crucial to the survival of your company. So…how do you get a partner and maintain your relationship?



A Symbiotic Relationship

Much like coral and algae and real-life relationships, business partners are give-and-take 50/50; for it to work, all people involved need to do their fair share in the relationship. Without this 50/50 of giving and taking, the relationship falls apart.

For example, the picture here is a biography of Live Girl that we hold on our website talking about our recent partnership with them. Here are some things that happen between organizations if they are partners, though, of course, it depends on the contract and what the two nonprofits negotiate:

  1. Activity on Social Media

Whether it be through liking, commenting, reposting, or some other form of social media engagement, being active on your partner’s account and them being active on your account is crucial to the main purpose of a partnership: engagement. The main purpose of a partnership is to bring traffic to both brands, and social media, as I have discussed before, is one of the main points to help engage others with your brand. Additionally, an article from NFIB titled The Importance of Strategic Partnerships in Business looks at how partnerships are used to “strengthen weak aspects of their business” or to allow businesses “the opportunity to grow their customer base and improve their business.” One of the fastest ways to grow your engagement as a company is through social media, with an added partnership, it is even easier to grow a “customer base.”


  1. Featuring them on your site/page

Under our page Our Partners, we feature our partnered organizations like #MarchAgainstRevengePorn, Sunrise Movement, Live Girl, and many more. By featuring them and articles about them on our website, we are both attracting audiences to our page and our brand. Additionally, by partnering and being active with other organizations, we are able to demonstrate our competence and skills as a business. By other businesses sharing our content, like Live Girl’s sharing of our article about Alana Mayfield, we get that same traffic towards our social media page, website, and organization.


  1. Doing projects/events together

Finally, by doing projects and events together that excite and engage customers, the organizations involved get positive attention from consumers and other organizations. Though I cannot discuss any events that The Girl Narrative is planning right now, as these events are still being negotiated, planning and putting together appearances like fundraisers, media specials, and other types of special events can bring major traffic to your organization, whether that be from consumers, influencers, press, or other types of audiences.

Whether it is a full business partnership or just a one-time-event partnership, business partnerships are much like real relationships: you need to put in work to maintain them. In order to maintain them, you have to split the work 50/50 give-and-take. With a one-sided relationship comes loss, and if you do not keep it give-and-take, you run the risk of losing your business partner. So whether through large events or small acts through social media, it is important to work for the relationships so that you both can benefit and spread your cause.


Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative

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4 thoughts on “We’re in a serious relationship…actually a few…–Sabrina

  1. Yuchen Cao

    I’m glad to see that you have formed several great relationships with other organizations! It is a good sign of expansion of influence for a non-profit organization like yours. It is wonderful to see that you are applying knowledge from business management onto your project such as partnership, advertising and extensive use of social media. I believe that your organization will do great in the future and hope to see some activities of your organization at Westtown.

  2. Alina Zhao

    It is so cool that you are establishing these collaborations with other organizations. I am sure this also adds to the legitimacy and credibility of your non-profit. I understand that you are unable to share the details of the events you are planning, but I wonder if it is possible to share some specific statistics on how much more traffic you are getting on both your website and your social media pages since your partnership with these non-profits?

  3. Jason Ono

    I enjoyed seeing another significant progress on your project. I believe there are many things to be learned when people of similar interest share their knowledge. I also wanted to ask you a clarifying question. You emphasize the point that cooperations across different organizations require fair distribution of workload and benefits. How do you actually intend to make an objective assessment of the fairness of the relationship?

  4. Nawal N'Garnim

    Its great that you have branched out to collaborate with other organizations! I really like how you have taken initiative to find out how to best do this. A question for you Sabrina, what do you see the future looking like with these changes?


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