Big Bad Code – Dylan

As my class has really jumped into our work, everything has really taken off. We have jumped right in to coding and designing simple “game-like” projects. Our first being a simple maze-like machine in order to practice creating objects and effects. Effects are a lot of fun to work with, not much is quite as satisfying as creating an invisible black hole effect that sucks a marble in.

As you can see there was quite a complex system of parts that were both visible and invisible, allowing for effects that seem to appear out of thin air. This lead to quite a fun element of surprise as the marble was rolling through the maze. Though slightly challenging, that project was quite a lot of fun.

We then progressed into code. This allowed us to customize these effects, and give them unique properties. We created a simple dice rolling code; a game where two people each roll dice, and whoever gets the higher number is declared the winner. It was a lot of fun to add a story to the game, and it really reminded me of playing a game like Dungeons and Dragons.

The whole project was essentially based around these two lines of code. Creating a type of random variable, and giving it properties like a Die with seven sides. I really enjoyed the realm of possibilities this lesson opened up, and it gave me plenty of ideas for future projects.


I have linked to the course description below, there may be a few teasers for what is to come! Enjoy!


1 thought on “Big Bad Code – Dylan

  1. Dhillon

    Thats super cool Dylan. Was it difficult to code for the black hole effect or were there more difficult elements? I look forward to playing some of the games you have created.


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