1968: An Intro To My Research – Nawal

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I am finally able to start my independent seminar! This first post is more of an explanation and outline of what I will be doing, rather than me beginning research. This semester I will be studying around 3-5 different events from the year 1968 and doing in depth research into them and seeing how they affect the present. I have decided to focus on events in the US rather than around the world, since it is what interests me the most.  

The idea for this came this summer when I was browsing through USA Today’s website and found this page about the year. It shows the different aspects of the year grouped into categories.

Very few people my age know this, but the year 1968 was very significant in US history. There were many important events including social movements such as Civil Rights, Anti-War, and Feminism. At the same time, we were in the peak of the Vietnam War, and tensions with the Soviet Union were very high to name a couple more. This is the list I have so far, though I will most likely narrow it down more later in the semester and it is potentially subject to some change.

  1. Assassination of MLK & the protests following shortly after.
  2. The signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1968
  3. Anti-War protests around the country
  4. Assassination of Robert Kennedy
  5. The opening of the Democratic National Convention (DNC)
  6. Tommie Smith and John Carlos protesting racism during the national anthem during the 1968 Olympics

Image: Zaktansky, John. 1968. CNHI.

7 thoughts on “1968: An Intro To My Research – Nawal

  1. Dhillon

    This sounds like a really cool project! Are you going to try and tie the three events you choose together, and try to show if they correlate or are products of one another?

  2. Yuchen Cao

    The idea of looking closely at one year in history is very interesting. (It is also very appealing to me since 1968 is the year that my dad was born.) I imagine that your project would go into significant depth to analyze each event and their impacts. Will you be analyzing the global influence of these events at that time and perhaps how they have shaped the US we are experiencing right now?

  3. sabrina.schoenborn

    Nawal! I love this idea for an independent seminar! I think, too often, we rush through history and seldom take the time to really delve into the details and/or how it affects modern events. Are your events going to have a theme attached to them other than their prevalence to the present? Excited to see where you take this seminar!

  4. ninayichenwei

    Your topic sounds really exciting! Despite your focus on significant events that took place only in 1968 in the U.S., the scope of your research definitely expands beyond this constraint. I would love to learn more about development of each of the events on your list and read about your interpretations. It would also be interesting to analyze both the U.S. perspective and global perspective regarding these events. I am looking forward to reading your updates!

  5. Alina Zhao

    It seems from your list that 1968 was indeed a very important year in US history. I think it is very cool that you are focusing on this one year, and maybe you could potentially talk about how these events led to each other or in one way or another affected each other since they all happened in the same time period. There is a CNN original series called the Sixties that will probably provide some useful insights and give you a vivid sense of the cultural and political background.

    1. Alina Zhao

      And I just realized that there is actually an episode in that series titled 1968, so you could probably check that out!

  6. Jason Ono

    I did not know that the year 1968 was such an important year. Maybe you’ve thought of this already, but I think it is important to think about where you are going get the necessary information sources for research and how you assess the credibility of them, as interpretations of history vary between people of different views. Also, do you have a vision of how you are going to connect your learning during the semester for the demonstration of learning? I think this is going to be an interesting project!


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