The Building Blocks of Building a Game – Dylan

Video Games have been a staple of my personal interest for as long as I can remember. At the age of five I clearly remember playing on my friend’s older brother’s PlayStation 2, and I instantly fell in love.


As of recently I have had a growing interest in how video games are made, and I am looking to pursue that interest in college.  Thankfully the DigiPen Institute of Technology offers online high school classes. So this week I dove into the world of video game design, a world that I hopefully grow to love.


The DigiPen course that I began this week is an introductory to game design that will hopefully give me the feel for the industry and type of work I hope to pursue. I spent an unbelievable amount of time being anxious. “What am I going to do in college if I hate this?” flew through my mind more than anything else. I could hardly concentrate in my normal classes until my class finally began Wednesday night.

Immediately I fell in love, just listening to the teacher sent wondrous and exciting ideas flying through my head. We learned only a few simple techniques to get us started but even that made me feel like I could do anything, or make anything. I cannot describe quite how powerful it is to fall in love, but all of us have done it one time or another, and this was one of those moments for me.

I cannot wait to continue my class and continue my work, all I hope is that my growing love for this only continues to grow and evolve.


Image Sources.

DigiPen Website and Class Description.

1 thought on “The Building Blocks of Building a Game – Dylan

  1. Alina Zhao

    I am so happy that you found something you clearly love so much! Building video games is such a cool combination of art/design/programming. It would be great if you could share more details about what specifically you have been learning in you online class in your future blogs and tell us what end result you hope to achieve.


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