Constantly Being Told “No.” – Sabrina








NoRunning a business has truly been a test of patience. Being told no all day every day is exhausting, there is no way around that. It feels as if there is only a descent. As someone who was expecting some ups and downs, it was a harsh reality to realize that, for most of my process, it has been a straight descent.

I recently read an article by Business Collective that did make me feel better, though; the article was titled, The Harsh Realities of Starting a Business and looked at the actualities of starting the business.

In reading this, I got some sense of security that I was not alone. I realized that the frustration, disappointment, and comparative nature is completely understandable. I constantly feel like I could be doing more, I am disappointing my brand, myself, and my team, and I additionally tend to compare myself and my business to other businesses like mine.

But every now and then I get a breadcrumb that keeps me going. Every partnership, every article, every Instagram comment, it is weird to say, but it helps me see some result. Because my cause is so large, I will likely never see the effect that it has on people.


Right now, I am finalizing our article on Leah Juliett, a young activist who has started the #MarchAgainstRevengePorn movement and the National LGBTQ+ Townhall. Additionally, we are beginning to set up our schedule of posting two articles a month, as well as working on making them more engaging to our younger audience. Even though the work that can go into this, like transcribing, can be draining, I am beginning to get little breadcrumbs of results and progress. 

So I take the breadcrumbs, and I keep working even though I want to stop. In all honesty, sometimes I do not know why I do it, and I question if my risk is worth the reward that I’m getting. And what is even scarier, is that I will likely not see much reward until The Girl Narrative exists for over 5 years.

So we persist and we continue, knowing that I won’t see the results for years, but thinking and dreaming of what they will be.

Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative

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3 thoughts on “Constantly Being Told “No.” – Sabrina

  1. nscavalieri

    I think that what you’re doing is truly interesting and I’m interested to track your progress over the coming weeks and seeing how something like this evolves. I think one thing that you should include in a future post is how people can get involved and help make a difference in their communities as well.

  2. Dylan Lippiatt-Cook

    I think this post really puts the difficulties of small business into perspective! I can’t wait to see how you continue to work through the difficulties. Good Luck!

  3. Yuchen Cao

    I could definitely relate to this experience for my website as well. I would constantly check the number of views after publishing each post and keep tract of the number of followers. I think it’s always important to hold on to our initial motivation and to believe in what we do. What you are working on is what the society lacks and needs. Looking forward to your future updates!


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