The Beauty of Tangents – Sabrina

I have spent roughly 45% of my time towards this project transcribing interviews….It is one of the hardest and most tedious tasks, especially if your interviews typically run between 30 – 60 minutes. I considered, for a moment, just simply sending my interviewees a list of questions I would like them to answer and having it be simpler

But I quickly shrugged the idea of because of one thing:


Tangents have become the core of my content when I am writing articles. When my interviewees go off on tangents, they are almost always something they are passionate about, or it is story worthwhile. You cannot capture these tangents by sending them a list of questions.

It is through these tangents that I begin to understand someone’s work and passions, and I learn who they are to their core. I get to see them and understand them and relate to them and have a conversation with them.

And though transcribing is…..interesting a living, breathing hell. Without face to face interviews, my content would not be nearly as rich or as vibrant as it is, and it is all thanks to tangents.

Before I wrap up, I just wanted to give you all some updates:

  • Our social media pages are up! You can follow us on Instagram @TheGirlNarrative!
  • We are on track for our goals, including having our website be 75% completed
  • We have created an email as well (!
  • We have met with Westtown Communications (I had a meeting with Anne Burns today) and they have agreed to give us press after our launch
  • On our current team, we have a transcriber, a web designer, a digital artist, and I am currently on a hunt for a social media manager and an editor
  • We are scheduled to have 5 interviews this week!
  • I am remembering to breathe, despite the fact that I am simultaneously elated and panicking

Inspired by putting one foot in front of the other

Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO and Founder of The Girl Narrative

3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Tangents – Sabrina

  1. aliviathompson

    Wow!!! I look forward to your updates every week because I feel so much secondhand excitement for you and your amazing progress. The fact that you would sacrifice your time by tediously transcribing interviews in order to ensure that you hear those little tangents shows just how passionate you are about helping and learning more about others. It’s truly inspiring.
    Good luck!!

  2. kevinwang11

    Hi Sabrina,

    You introduced an interesting concept that I did not discover before reading your blog. I think you might be right about tangents during interview: they are what the interviewees are passionate about. Tangents are often an extension of the interviewees’ lives and helps us understand the work they do.

    It is also exciting to see the progress you’ve made with your project. Can wait to see you launch your organization on May 2nd!


  3. alecbarbs

    Congratulations on your success so far! I was thinking about how I’ve interviewed for different things in the past and you are completely right, an actual voice to voice interview is much more compelling and insightful than hand written responses. I hope you’ll use these interviews in ways you couldn’t imagine.


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