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I’m so excited to say that I’ve finally reached the next big step in my research project: transitioning from gathering basic information on the topic to measuring just how prominent the issue of social aggression is in our own community. Because this is the starting point to the actual ‘action-based’  portion of the research plan I initially created, I’m more curious than ever to know just where this feedback will take me next. As much as I enjoy reading and writing and reflecting on pieces I’ve read, my true passion consists of seeing a data pool and being able to come to my own conclusions in order to change the place around me for the better. After carefully crafting and selecting questions for my survey for weeks, I finally seem to have a (pretty) final draft that will be sent out to the student body in the next week or so, hopefully. Although I am slightly anxious to see where this goes, and the majority opinion of my peers, I know whatever data I end up with will be able to be put to good use. One of the goals of the survey was to measure the commonality of specific behaviors related to social aggression so that we will be able to target the most prominent issues at hand at our school. If all goes according to plan, I will be able to start my one-on-one conversations by the end of the month.

But in the meantime, here is a portion of the survey that I will be reflecting on and taking action with in the future:


Please rate the frequency of these socially aggressive behaviors based on your experience/observation at school. (5 point scale of always, often, sometimes, rarely, and never.)

leaving someone out on purpose

telling someone that they are not wanted in a group

telling others to exclude a certain person from an activity or group

ignoring a person or walking away when a person attempts to join an activity or group

telling others that they don’t understand why they are friends with a particular person

telling others negative things about a particular person in order to hurt that person’s relationships or reputation

name calling

embarrassing another person in public or online

spreading rumors, known to be false, about a particular person

belittling another person due to their identity (gender, race, sexual orientation)

treating a younger person as inferior due to their age/grade level

Please respond to these questions through your own words:

What changes would you recommend at school to create a more positive and inclusive culture?

What ideas do you have to help students better support each other?

Are there any examples of social aggression that you would like to share, including how it has affected you or others?



1 thought on “Next Steps- the Survey – Liv

  1. sabrina.schoenborn

    So excited for you! I love this project so so much and I cannot wait to see what the survey shows! Keep up the good work!


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