Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

For my project, the accomplishments have been minor so far. I have been sitting in on eighth grade classrooms and observing the nature of the class and interactions between teacher and student. I have stepped in a few times to give input to students on how their work is.

In the future, I will be finding time to go into lower school, primarily fourth and fifth grade to do what I have been doing which is observing and helping out with certain assignments and activities. Also, with eighth grade, I will be attempting to lead discussions in the book they’re reading.

I don’t see any adjustments there need to be to achieve my goal, because my goal is to gain the experience of being in the classroom and what the roll of being a teacher is like.

2 thoughts on “Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

  1. sabrina.schoenborn

    It’s awesome that you are able to do this and explore your passion, even if there are slow periods. Excited to see what you find while exploring teaching!

  2. margaretjhaviland

    Alec, what if you thought about accomplishments in terms of process and reflection rather than things done. As you observe, what the 8th grade and their teacher what do you notice? Bring a questioning mind to your observations. Make those observations active rather than passive.


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