Blog Post #3 – Bella

        This week, I started to have a more concrete development in my writing. I already have the very very beginning to an introduction about Ancient Egypt written, but this week, I have included the beginnings of an Introduction to Ancient Greece, specifically the women. I am a little torn on whether or not I should spend a fair amount of time focusing on just Greece as a whole, and then go into women, but because this is a book about women, I want to keep my talking about the generalities to a minimum. On the other hand, it is important to understand the context in which I am writing about women and how women were, so it is important to know all the facets of a society, and how women were included or excluded in those facets. Even though women are not included in politics in Ancient Greece, perhaps I should still write about the politics, because it is important to note how it operated and the more sexist aspect to the politics.

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