Blog post #1 – Bella

Blog Post 1: 1/24/18

Since this week was the first official week of independent research projects, I went to the library and began to search for books that could help me throughout my research projects. I knew I was looking for books that adhered to the topic of ancient women, patriarchy, and women in society not just in ancient times, but now. I have had a pretty decent knowledge of these topics as well as certain women in history such as Cleopatra and Hatshepsut, but I have never really done research at the level I anticipate. I believe that an important aspect of my project is to be able to compare and contrast women and their influences then versus now, and how we have evolved in society (or not evolved,) and though I hope to draw my own conclusion(s) on that matter in my work, I hope to get inspiration from these books and get a more solid idea of my own opinions, and how I will approach this task. This week, I hope to create a family tree of Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, so that I can focus on female divinity in ancient Egyptian society.

I read the first few chapters of The Creation of Patriarchy by Gerda Lerner this week, and so far it has really fascinated me. I have always known about the primitive settings which led to the subordination of women to men, but I have never really looked at the biology or the actual history of it. It is intriguing to read about the development of stereotypes in society for both genders, how gender roles were created specifically in primitive societies, and how the development of civilization was created by men to stray further from nature, which is often affiliated with the purpose of a woman.

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