Polaris February Update – Kevin

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania — January 31, 2018 — Today, The Polaris Team released the Polaris February Update. The primary goal of this update is to improve the user experience of the administrators and weekend duty crews.

Improved Attendance-Taking

The Polaris February Update brings about an improved attendance-taking experience for drivers. Prior to the February Update, we opted for the single-button option. At the beginning of each trip, there is always a “plus” button next to each name on the attendance list to signify that the passenger is not yet checked-in. When clicked, the button would respond and change to a trash can icon to allow the user to undo the check-in. It has come to out attention that the “plus” and the “trash can” buttons can be very confusing as they do not clearly convey a passenger’s check-in status. To eliminate the confusion, we replaced the single buttons with segmented controls (i.e. two buttons). We have also restructured the duty crew system at code level to make way for the next major update of Polaris (codename: “NX”).

Weekend Group ViewScreen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.29.38 AM.png
To give the administrators more control to Polaris, we are introducing a new interface called Group View. In our database, each weekend is called a weekend group, which consists a collection of weekend activities. Group View allows weekend coordinators and duty administrators to easily add new weekend groups. When needed, administrators also have the option to archive past weekend groups to free up the spaces in the database. This feature eliminates the need for a database specialist to add and remove weekend groups, making the system much more sustainable.

Updated Dashboard
Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.27.36 AM.png
In the February update, we are introducing some minor changes to the dashboard for administrators. On the right side of the dashboard, we have added “Crew,” which gives weekend administrators direct access to the duty crew (drive) system, and “Group,” the aforementioned weekend group management interface of Polaris. The two new capabilities joins the previously available “Creator” and “Dashboard,” completing the suite of database management tools for Polaris. All four options are made readily accessible in the sidebar as well.

About Polaris
Polaris is a revolutionary departure management system designed for the Weekend Program at Westtown School. Polaris replaced SignUpGenius®, an event organizer, and offers a responsive design, Google® integration, Alchemy℠, manageability optimizations, data analytics along with many other features.

Press Contact:
Kevin Wang ’18
Head, The Polaris Team

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3 thoughts on “Polaris February Update – Kevin

  1. sabrina.schoenborn

    I agree with T. Susan! Really happy to see these updates and they seem really useful/needed. it is really amazing to see how Polaris is progressing and updating through time. Nice job!

  2. tonychenwesttown

    Kevin, your work on Polaris is fantastic! I’m really impressed about the amount of consideration you have put in to simplify the user experience of your app. Further down the road, maybe you can also look at other areas to see if you can connect the app to other features of the Westtown network to further simplify its usage?


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