Where Are My Role Models? An Overview of The Girl Narrative – Sabrina

“She’s kinda bossy.”

“She is such a slut.”

“She’s such a try-hard.”

“She thinks she’s all that.”

“She’s such a b***h.”


These are just some examples of things I have heard girls say to other girls or about other girls…within the past week.

Girl on girl hate has become an epidemic. We are not supporting each other, lifting each other up, and if we are, we are only lifting up a small group of women (white women, able-bodied women, etc.)

Raised off of competition, we feel as though we need to be better than every girl everywhere, and we are constantly beating each other down to get to the top.

The thing is: it is not us girls’ fault!

As beautifully put by Voice’s of Youth’s writer Yeshna V. in Stopping Girl on Girl Hate, it is so hard to lift up and love other girls when we live and grow up within a society that pits us against each other, that only says we are good if we are better than the girl sitting next to us.

So what if we were not pitted against each other? What if we brought to light amazing young women and used them as role models instead of competition?

That is why I am starting The Girl Narrative

When I google teen girls, I want to see Danya Hamad who is on track to be the youngest female lawyer, Aiji Mayrock who is teaching girls how to handle bullying, Chloe Kim who was the youngest woman ever to win gold at the Winter X Games, Katlyn Grasso  who is the CEO and founder of genHERation, Alyssa Carson who is training to go to Mars, and all of the thousands of inspiring girls whose stories need to be told.


Inspired by inspiration,

Sabrina Schoenborn

Founder of The Girl Narrative


3 thoughts on “Where Are My Role Models? An Overview of The Girl Narrative – Sabrina

  1. kevinwang11

    Hi Sabrina,

    First of all, welcome to the independent seminar!!

    I am very excited about your project. I appreciate your effort to challenge the idea that the society pits people against each other through promoting female role models. I am very curious about how you are going to do this (though social media campaign or founding a non-profit maybe?).

    Kevin Wang

  2. aliviathompson

    This is FANTASTIC!! I am so happy to see that you are working towards bringing attention to such an important topic, and I love your idea to create an empowering name along with it. I agree that society does not spend enough time focusing on the hundreds of incredible female role models that women, especially young women, should be looking up to for guidance. It’d be incredible if we could collaborate on a school project/assembly/discussion to raise awareness at some point this semester. Keep doing awesome work!!
    Liv Thompson

  3. Gwyneth Turner

    Props to you for taking on such a deeply imbedded issue – one which plays a massive role in determining the nature of relationships between girls. Like Kevin, I’m looking forward to learning more about Project G.I.R.L and how you plan to reshape female interactions in a more positive way.


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