Assistant Teaching- Alec Barbera

As my observations wrap up, and my time in middle school is coming to a close, I have realized many things about the whole teaching process, the students in the class, and especially about myself. I have seen many classes and have a strong understanding of what it means to be a teacher for  young adolescents. Because of this journey that I haven’t even hit the halfway mark in, I have found what it means for me to find a career, and I believe I have found that career in its entirety.

Over the course of two and a half months, I have been sitting in classrooms, interacting with students and teachers, and even stepped in to help teachers with assignments. I have been with the sixth grade for the majority of the time and also with seventh grade. Unfortunately, I have not found time to be involved with eighth grade, but I am not giving up on them.

Every day that I am in these classes, I feel a sense of pride from not only myself, but from the students in what they are learning and how they express their new found knowledge. Equally, I feel the sense of pride from the teachers when we make eye contact and know that the students are fully grasping the material they need. When I had the opportunity to walk around the class to see the students working and  to ask them questions, and know that I can answer them in a way they understand is something that truly made me feel like a benefit to this community.

If someone were to ask me about three months ago how I was feeling about this project, I would have responded in the words of nervous, slightly terrified, unprepared and having a thought this wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be. As I look back at my progress and writing this, my feelings have changed dramatically with this. I walk in every class ready to start a new experience and feel a new refurbished energy. I think about what it means to be a teacher almost constantly and picture myself little by little being at the front of the room every day in the future. This is everything I had hoped and more. The support from the teachers I observe is immensely helpful. When I hear other students and teachers congratulate me on this journey, it feels wonderful and I know it’s a feeling of good intent.

There are so many people I want to thank with this journey, but the truth is, I still have a whole other side of the school system with going into lower school next semester. This will be a major change that will be quite different, but otherwise, I am very excited to start a new chapter in my Independent Seminar.

What is Middle School?

Middle School English Fundamentals.


2 thoughts on “Assistant Teaching- Alec Barbera

  1. kevinwang11

    Hey Alec,

    I am glad that you have become confident and passionate about teaching through working with middle schoolers in the first semester. I am looking forward to reading about your experience with lower schoolers next semester!

    Keep up the good work,


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