What happened recently in my project -Qiaochu

In my last blog, I will talk about the progress I have made in my project in the past few weeks and share the future prospect of my project.
The past few weeks, a new member, Komeli, joined the Chester County China Initiative team. He has stayed in Beijing for 7 years and has learned mandarin during this stay. After graduating from Tsinghua University in 2013, Komeli started an international trade company. He went back to the States last year and he is now currently living in Chester County. Komeli will also serve as a liaison between Chester County and Yanqing District, being familiar with both cultures. Additionally, I have worked with the team and created a draft agreement. In the meantime, the Yanqing side has offered areas that they would like to build the agreement around. They want to focus on education, culture, tourism and the horticultural industry. It’s worth noting that Yanqing will host the International Horticultural Expo in 2019.  Chester County has an extensive horticultural industry as well as important botanical gardens like   Longwood Gardens. Below is a picture of the planned structure for the 2019 Horticultural Expo.

The commissioner agrees that these areas have potentials and Chester County will emphasize these ideas as well. They are currently working closely together on a detailed Sister County Municipality Agreement. I think this conversation is especially valuable, and their progress in a  detailed plan can really turn into a mutually beneficial corporation. I plan on presenting the result of their agreement after consulting with them for final revisions.
After my fall independent seminar study ends, I will continue following up with this project and continue my internship with the Commissioner. I hope I have set up foundations for China Initiative and will continue to add on to it.

Finally,  I would like to first take the time to thank everyone who has viewed my blogs and has commented on my blogs. Thank you all so much for taking your time reading this.


1 thought on “What happened recently in my project -Qiaochu

  1. kevinwang11

    Hi Qiaochu,

    I can see that you have made a lot of progress. Working on events like the Horticultural Expo is certainly going to benefit both Yanqing and Chester County.

    Looking forward to reading about your experience with your internship next semester!


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