Semester Progress – KC

Throughout this semester, I have continued to build the infrastructure of my organization – which manifests in multiple ways.

First, I have been working meticulously to clarify and focus the organization’s message and mission statement. I want my organization to be laser focused and understood by at a glance from the general public. After a few more revisions, new pages on my website with a Theory of Change, updated mission, and supporting information will be uploaded.

Networking and partnerships have also played a large role in this semester. I worked to secure my first endorsement for my legislation and first official partner. I have also been reaching out to various people in the field and introducing myself. I want to build as many relationships and coalitions as possible.

Media coverage and digital momentum has been another area of focus. I already secured multiple articles through reaching out to journalists with more yet to be published (the biggest and most exciting from VICE). Many of these articles focused on my story because  it is unique that I am in high school, yet still pursuing this work. Part of what drives media attention is my story, so that’s why I’ve also been building my own branding. I cleaned up my online presence and expanded my digital horizons.

You can even find me on Twitter here!

This is just a sample of my Semester work. So far I have had a very successful and productive start to the Independent Seminar and I look forward to the rest of the year.  

Image Link: Signs That You Are Making Progress in Recover.jpg



4 thoughts on “Semester Progress – KC

  1. Summer Cai

    Congratulations KC on everything you were able to accomplish this semester! I believe the three elements you mentioned (clear mission statement, network, and media coverage) are arguably the most important contributors to the success of an organization. Looking forward to hearing about your future plan and further progresses!

  2. perlinefeng

    I saw how you work from both the perspective of a friend and a peer student and the work you do inspire me every day. I’m so proud of everything you have done in social media, and I’m glad I can help you with branding on Instagram. I look forward to seeing the bright future of your project and your TED TALK!!!!!!

  3. qiaochuchen

    Glad to hear about your progress this semester. Congratulation on everything you have accomplished so far and keep doing awesome work!

  4. trayhammond

    This is a really impressive resume, KC, and I think it shows how much you’ve put into this pursuit. It is unique that you find yourself in high school, yet pursuing an initiative most wouldn’t attempt until they were out of college! Even though (as of right now) I won’t be enrolled in an Independent Seminar next semester, I will try to keep up with your blog because the posts are so interesting! Great job! 🙂


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