Reflections – Natalie

I’ve done a fair amount of reflection in my past few blog posts, but I suppose there’s always room for more. Over the course of this semester I’ve both achieved and not achieved my goals. I actually have a much clearer and more long-term view of the trajectory of my work, and a vision for what I want to achieve not only in this semester, but further on in college.

Talking things over with T. Chris has been invaluable to my development, and with every painting I find myself inching closer and closer to the middle ground between all of my many various interests of subject matter and style. I have also found that the blog posts have helped me regroup, plan trajectory, and analyze the influences of my art, which I rarely think about while I am painting. In addition, I hadn’t realized how being back at school would affect my work. It turns out that being around my friends who are constantly inspiring me and amazing me has caused me to pull them in to my work. I love my friends very much, and they are all very unique and authentic people. They have so many layers and complexities and quirks, so naturally, I have found myself wanting to paint them. But rather than seeing this as a distraction from my focus on the fantastical creatures in my work, I think they are a wonderful new element, because they bring complexity and integrity to my work. When I paint them, I am not painting a generic person or a generic creature, I am painting something real and authentic, complex and original (I suppose Freud has influenced me in this way). And now my task is merging this with my creatures, which I am excited to begin.

I loved the Maggie painting, but it is still mostly part of my old traditional paintings. My next portraits will not be only a face, I will weave the surreal and supernatural elements in, and begin my new phase of paintings. I have already started a painting of Alex, and am planning on painting some of my other friends as well. I am also planning on finishing the large birds-nest still life from sophomore year, which will be a good portfolio piece, and which I may also pull some of my fantastical elements in to. So, overall, I am feeling good about the painting I have achieved, and am feeling good about my immediate next painting steps.

On the other hand, I have not gotten a chance to work in the clay studio like I had hoped I would in the beginning of the year. I underestimated how much work I was going to have this year, especially with taking seven classes. It is possible (I am hopeful) that I will manage to find the time to sculpt after thanksgiving break, but it is not as high on my to-do list as painting. I will be working intensely over Thanksgiving break to get some momentum going with painting; I am excited to finally have a long stretch of uninterrupted time so that I can work leisurely and methodically instead of having to scramble in and out to get small bits done in between studying and sports. I await sharing what I get done with you all when we return from break.



Imprimatura of my newest painting

1 thought on “Reflections – Natalie

  1. trayhammond

    I always enjoy reading your posts because I just love the arts. I really understand what you mean when you talk about finding inspiration in your friends. I find it interesting that a lot of art comes from the extremes, whether that be happy or sad, excited or angry. It never seems to be in the “normal”. I feel like that would be a little boring. 😉


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