Reflection – Mikehyojan

Before Thanksgiving break, I would like to reflect on what I have done so for during the two months since September. It was a unique experience for me to search for scarce resources related to Korean traditional folk painting in the U.S. university libraries with Teacher Betsy. Also, for the first time in long period, I drew outlines, mixed colors, and painted without my Minhwa teacher or advisor standing next to me, helping and editing. I really enjoyed reading my classmates’ weekly posts and commenting on their articles. Although writing the blog was challenging to me at first as you can see from this first blog, as I was used to writing more formally, I became confident in writing blogs with a friendly tone. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share what I am interested in and passionate about. I feel I have learned more about the culture from the country I came from through this experience. I feel most satisfied when people, impressed with my blogs, commented on them.

Timeline wise, since it is already Thanksgiving break, only a month and half or the last third of the semester is left, I am going to focus more on finishing my three products. I have done one painting and I am almost done with the second one. I did not accomplish my goal to finish two products since I was busy preparing for college applications, but I developed deep gratitude for my advisor, who helped me through Skype and chats, advising on the color and depth of my painting and answering my questions. Also, I noticed the importance of preparation, specifically bringing several pieces of paper for painting called Hanji, as I made several mistakes in outlines and colors, but with the spare paper, I could draw again with no worry.

Until mid-December, I will focus more on completing my last paintings. As Thanksgiving break is short, I am going to Korea during the Winter break, so I will create another timeline to use my time efficiently before, during, and after Winter break. I am looking forward to receiving the final advice during Winter break in Korea with my mentor physically present. I will also prepare for methods of display for my exhibition when I finish the three paintings.

Then, have a good Thanksgiving break!

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