Miracle of Miracles / If I Were A Rich Man – Tray

Hello everyone!

I’ve been under the weather this week, so, unfortunately, I can’t record the monologue just yet, but there’s something big happening very soon! If you couldn’t guess from the title, auditions for Fiddler on the Roof start on Tuesday (Monday consists of introductory activities)! I began taking voice lessons at the beginning of the semester in preparation with T. Rebecca Field, who is a great teacher! I believe that the schedule goes as follows: Tuesday – singing, Wednesday – acting, and Thursday – dancing, with callbacks somewhere in the mix if not Friday.


Those pursuing male role will be asked to sing “Miracle of Miracles”, so you can imagine that it’s been all that’s been going through my head! It is sung by Motel, the poor, soft-spoken lover boy. I feel like I could perform this role pretty well, but I believe that I could do an even better Tevye, the father, who sings “If I Were A Rich Man”, the callback piece. The movie version of “Miracle of Miracles” fits well within my pitch range, however, the score for the audition is a third note higher. For those who don’t know music terms, that’s a lot higher, let’s put it that way. T. David said that he could play it lower if asked, so I think that I will be asking him to play the piece a note lower to better suit my pitch range while also showing both him and T. Will that I can sing it well. If I am called back, I would sing “If I Were A Rich Man”, which I love. It’s hard to put the words the vibrant energy of the song, so here is the movie version of it for reference. Next week, I will update you on the status of the musical (and hopefully my role!).

Anyway, this week, I plan to become healthy, audition, record the monologue (finally!), and present both the monologue and my Respect for Acting presentation to the Acting Workshop class! It’s a lot, but I’m excited for every second of it!

Thanks for reading!

Tray Hammond ’18

1 thought on “Miracle of Miracles / If I Were A Rich Man – Tray

  1. kcmill12

    While I won’t be as present as past shows, I’m excited to train the new stage manager for this years’ production of Fiddler on the Roof. I have never read the show, so I’m eager to get the script.


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