Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

My whole goal in my project is to be able to see every grade between middle and lower schools. I want to know what it’s like being a teacher in all different directions. So far, I have only been in sixth grade English. I do not have problem with this whatsoever, but I believe it is time for me to move onto a different grade level and expand my horizons.

I have enjoyed my time in the sixth grade so far. I have learned many things from them and I am extremely grateful to have experienced them. I love working with them in their writing, mostly because this is the age where writing becomes a large part of their life and that they need to learn how to write with ease. I love being able to explain to them how certain placements of words give readers a different effect and how they can use that to their advantage. Reading through their work and being able to give them a grade is something that makes feel truly good about myself and that makes me want to pursue this career even more. Every day I am this class, the more I see myself with having my name in a faculty directory in a school somewhere.

Now is when I need to start looking into another class, because I want to get a full view of different ages. I want to see what the different grades are like, and want to at least get all of middle school. In this article, it gives a real description of what middle school is really like from a teachers perspective, both good and bad. I can definitely point a few of these themes out in the classroom myself. I have already started a transition by “accidentally” going into seventh grade history. I thought I had my independent seminar block at this particular time, and it wasn’t until the very end of the class did I see I was in the wrong class. However, I feel a deeper meaning is behind this and that this was no accident. Seeing this class was truly eye opening and very different than the sixth grade class I am usually in. Every student was focused from the very start, all the discussions were very detailed and everyone contributed in thoughtful ways. T. Lisa teaches them as well and at the end of the class she told me this seventh grade class is just truly exceptional and that they always have been. Just seeing this one class really gave me a lot of hope for a new beginning.

As an update in the class, time still seems to be flowing at a reasonable pace for both teacher and student. It doesn’t appear that students are falling behind, and everyone is keeping up in good fashion. By now, I have found how each student learns, how they respond to what they’re given and just what kind of student they are generally. It is a healthy mix of all kinds of students which gives it a wide array of discussions.

I have not lost one ounce of interest in this project and now, I don’t even consider it a project anymore, I consider it a start to my future.


3 thoughts on “Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

  1. peacefulpeirce

    Alec it is so awesome that you are able to figure out what you want to do with your life so early on. When working in construction over the summer, I learned a lot about the difficulties of Manuel labor as a full time job. The guy I apprenticed said he had more respect for teachers and policemen than any other profession, it’s truly a gift to be able to have that passion and I’m so glad you are able to explore that here.

  2. kevinwang11

    I totally agree that grading students’ works is the best part of teaching. As you move on to teaching other classes, is there a particular subject you are looking forward to teaching? and why?

    Keep up the good work,

  3. kcmill12

    Glad you are enjoying this project so much! I know you are currently in a 6th grade class, but what grade do you think would be best suited for you? The answer may be 6th, but I’m just wondering! My favorite kids to work with are Kindergarten and 1st. They always put a smile on my face!


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