The First One

Tonight I submitted the first of three college portfolios I will submit this year. T. Chris was incredibly helpful in the process, choosing work with me and then photographing and editing it. This past weekend, I measured and resized everything so that it was the proper dimensions according to the Slideroom guidelines, and I uploaded and named it all. For this application, which was to Brown, 15 works were required. Below are the 15 images I uploaded, including the Maggie portrait, which I finished!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am looking forward to continuing expanding my portfolio for my applications to RISD and SCAD which I will submit in the coming months. In the nearer future, I am planning on beginning my self portrait this week, and then perhaps doing a portrait of another friend. And in other news, SCAD is coming to review portfolios this Thursday, and Philly National Portfolio Day is this weekend!

One thought on “The First One

  1. trayhammond

    Wow, Natalie, these are so amazing! I’m also planning on submitting portfolios to my colleges, but haven’t looked too much into the Slideroom process! I am very impressed with the quality and quantity of work that you have produced, which I know will carry on in college! 🙂 Keep up the AWESOME work!!


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