Can’t Shake the Feeling – Cleo

For those of you who saw Big Love last week, you’ll understand why I was so sore walking into the studio today. Last week I made a lot of headway on my dance. I ruthlessly choreographed until my body simply couldn’t do more. Today I walked in and my body was already at the point of giving up, still aching from tossing myself all about the stage. And so I had a dilemma: how do I meet my impending deadline without hurting myself? I decided I would mark through those last few counts of the song.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 3.05.22 PMNow I have an idea of what I’ll be doing. But what I’m struggling with still is that last week I had a whole mess of ideas, but little attention to detail. I had next to no clue as to exactly which sound of the drum means that I should do which movement. The only way that I could figure that out was to dance and dance and dance. But since my knees and arms won’t find dancing agreeable today, I’m left in an awkward limbo. I’m at a stage now where I need more stagnancy in what I’m doing. Being without it is leaving me feeling uneasy. I know that I’ll meet my deadline and that everything will be fine. I just can’t shake the feeling.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Shake the Feeling – Cleo

  1. perlinefeng

    Your performance in the play was amazing! I think a physical break is definitely needed. I look forward to reading more about your thoughts and ideas about your project moving forward.

  2. trayhammond

    As someone else who participated in the throwing of self on stage, I can understand why it might not have been in your best interests to push your physical limits. I hope you heal soon! I concur with Perline, by the way. You did great! 🙂

  3. nalovera

    The way you threw yourself into your role in Big Love with your whole body (quite literally, haha) and emotion was really powerful, and I’m excited to see how the experience of becoming Fiona will influence your performance in dancing. Also, awesome pic of you!


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