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I have mentioned Commissioner Farrell many times in my previous blog. However, I have not had a chance to talk about my relationship with him, how I started this project and why I continue working on this.

I met Commissioner Farrell in 2014, before the start of my freshman year, during my visit to Westtown School. He is a friend of my guardian, who is my father’s classmate from HBS, and he currently lives in Havertown. We had dinner together at Iron Hill in West Chester. At that time, he briefly introduced Chester County to me and my parents. That dinner not only helped me to choose Westtown among other schools that accepted me but also laid a solid foundation for my work in Chester County commissioner’s office. At the end of my Sophomore year, I learned that Commissioner Farrell and his colleagues were working on a project called the “China Initiative” in which they hoped to build business relationships with companies in China. Click here to learn more about “China Initiative” in the early time. Below is a picture from the article which captures one of his early visits to China.


During my internship in the Chester County Commissioner’s office, my primary task was to help support the China Initiative, a Chester County program aimed at developing cultural and economic cooperation with China. My original responsibility was to lay the groundwork with the only potential lead at the time, which was located in a remote district in southwestern China.  I believed there might be better fit  for Chester County, so I volunteered to search for other potential partners.  After weeks of research, I identified Yanqing County, a suburb district of Beijing, as a potentially exciting fit. This marks my contribution to the development of this project.

I believe in the impact of business on the local community. I think establishing cross-cultural business partnerships is a good way to make that impact. Part of my motivation to work on this project also comes from my experience during my volunteer work at a non-profit organization, which I might talk about in my future blogs.

In the meantime, I am still working on editing the contract and arranging the meeting for governmental officials in Chester County and Yanqing. I will be blogging more about it once things start to develop more.



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