Book of Love – Tray

Hello everyone!

I know that I talked about publishing an off-script version of my monologue from Molly Sweeney, but I’ve run into a kind of roadblock, at which I am not satisfied with the result. I will continue my pursuits this weekend.

This in no way means that I have nothing to say, however, because Westtown’s production of Big Love has finally come to a close! A truly bittersweet feeling, my experience in my first (and last) Westtown Fall Play was an even more rewarding experience than I could have imagined! Coupled with my reading of Respect for ActingBig Love challenged what I had previously known to be “good acting” or “good theater”. It was very interesting to see how a concept such as post-modernism, which is known for its love-hate relationships with most audiences, manifested itself in the play as well as how well it was received by both our school community and others beyond.


On a more personal level, I was happy to gradually understand Nikos and apply my own experience to the character. In my opinion, while I had developed a strong sense of who Nikos was, it wasn’t until our community preview performance on Thursday night that I felt like Nikos. It wasn’t until I heard the reaction of the audience as I went down on my knees and offered my chest to Lydia (with the intention that I was allowing her to kill me) that I felt like Nikos (around 5 minutes into the video below). I felt our shared sensitivity and selflessness. If you were able to watch it, I hope you enjoyed!

The above video is one of three that T. Karl Vela was nice enough to record for me! I hope to use one, if not all of them, for my college portfolio, so big thanks to T. Karl!


Anyway, I should have my monologue (that I’m happy with) done by Monday night! I hope to reflect on aspects of voice as well as how to effectively use the limited amount of space available for an official audition monologue based on techniques from The Monologue Audition Video, which I now have along with two corresponding books.

Thanks for reading!

Tray Hammond ’18


2 thoughts on “Book of Love – Tray

  1. mikehyojan

    Hi Tray! I really enjoyed watching Big Love! Your act was amazing and it was interesting to figure out from your blog that you understood and applied your own experience to the character, Nikos. Great work again on the play!

  2. cleokell

    I had a similar experience with my character. It was a challenge to really find myself in such an extreme character, however, as the rehearsal process went on, I really started to find the complexities in Thyona’s emotions and I started to really feel why she believes what she believes. I think that Big Love helped me grow tremendously as an actress in that it really challenged me to think: why? I am extraordinarily proud of the work that each of us did as individuals and that we all did as an ensemble.


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