It’s Working… – Cleo

In the dance studio on Monday, while I vigorously choreographed and drilled, I couldn’t stop thinking about next steps. I was taking in the music and thinking about movement, but at the same time, ideas for the visual piece started popping into my head. This is a huge step for me. It was the first time that I felt that I was looking holistically at my project rather than just at the facet at hand. I was really thinking to myself: “This is the story I’m telling, through this sound, through this movement, and here is how it will look on paper.” My goal with this project was to see art in a new way, as something beyond media, but as a different way to approach the complexities of life. I’m proud to say: “It’s working!”


My art style is heavily reliant on words. I like to put myself in the shoes of who or what I am drawing, and really feel what I think they feel. I like to take those feelings and express them verbally. So if you look at a drawing of mine, you’ll see a subject with their thoughts spelled out right in front of them. The hope for me is always to show through art how our thoughts and feelings look to us. One of my favorite pieces of mine (Pictured above.) is of an old boxer, and his thoughts wrap all the way around his portrait as he thinks critically about who he is and what that means for him. His thoughts surround him because they overwhelm him. He can’t see beyond them, because for him, in that very moment, there is no world beyond his thoughts. I like to think of it as a window into a soul. I’m excited to incorporate my style into another art piece. And I’m even more excited to start experimenting and playing with new styles.

2 thoughts on “It’s Working… – Cleo

  1. Gwyneth Turner

    I love the whole idea of your project- exploring ideas through different art forms. It’s really exciting that you’re beginning to see your work not in terms of its separate pieces, but as a connected, coherent whole. Reading about how you achieved this important step really made me think about the power and purpose of art.

  2. qiaochuchen

    I am glad to hear that you think your project is working! I am looking forward to learn how you will incorporate your style into other art forms!


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