What is a Theory of Change? – KC

A Theory of Change is a visual representation of how an organization expects to enact change. It clearly illustrates the action plan of the organization and provides an accessible way of understanding the mission. A Theory of Change is crucial to many organizations, specifically nonprofits.

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Luckily, after meeting with a nonprofit leader with years of expertise, I’ve learned a few different ways I can enhance my organization. Over the past week I’ve been developing a revised mission statement, theory of change, a sharpened message. As I begin to bring more people onto the team, it is critical that I have clear expectations.

Here are a few examples of Theory of Changes:


2. theory-of-change3.



My Theory of Change is inspired by the design of example number two. It is clean, modern, and easily understood. Example two is a bit noisy and complicated. They are intended to be quick wholesome illustrations. (Let me know which theory of change you like best in the comments below!) My Theory of Change is currently a draft, and I plan to upload it to my website as soon as possible.

Additionally, I have been doing more research. I am planing to put together a toolkit that comprehensively addresses the need, how, outcome, includes my theory of change, and statistics that prove the need.

To learn more about Theory of Changes click here!



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