More updates on Commissioner Farrell’s trip to China -Qiaochu

As I mentioned in my previous blogs, Commissioner Terence Farrell just got back from his trip to China. To briefly summarize his visit, they had a very successful groundbreaking of the facility for the mushroom production and they also established a Sister County Municipality with Funan County. Below is a picture of the agreement signing. Click here to read more about their agreement! (As an FYI: you might need some translating tools. I wasn’t able to find the article in English- sorry!)


Besides the establishment of Sister County relationship with Funan County, a China Desk was also established. The China Desk will provide facilitation services for corporations in the US and will build a network of support for services and businesses. Members of the China Trip Team in different fields including tourism, agriculture, medical research and more are all excited for this new establishment. The Desk is also meant to help Chester County businesses looking to start or expand business in China and to help find potential businesses and investors interested in Chester County (Below is a picture was taken at the China Desk)


The China Desk was established at a law office in Shanghai and Commissioner Farrell met the founder of the law office during his visit to China last May (the trip I arranged for them). Commissioner Farrell carried the relationship they built last year and turned it into a mutually beneficial relationship. I also feel a sense of achievement serving as a liaison in the US while the Help Desk will be doing the same thing in China.

I think it is fascinating to see how relationships that are built on a single occasion can be carried through. Being able to utilize the resources around oneself and to build connections is critical to a person’s future success. I am very excited to see some emerging buds of the tree I planted last May.

This coming week, I will continue to work on Sister County Municipality between Chester County and Yanqing!

(All photos were provided by the Commissioner)

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