The Importance of Press – KC

On October 2nd 2017 a Q&A about the work I’ve been doing was posed on Vice News. It was later added to their national snapchat story. It’s hard to say how many people saw the article but this was national coverage which means a TON of people saw it all across the country and perhaps the world.

Let’s look at the numbers we do have:

We can use Facebook’s article tracking feature to see how many times it was simply shared on the popular social media site. In the past two weeks it has been shared by nearly 2,000 people and popular pages.

Screenshot at Oct 15 19-54-20.png

I don’t have any way to quantify any other post-based social media websites like twitter, but this gives an audience rage on one.

We can however extract a few numbers from Snapchat’s stories. Vice News is one of the most popular snapchat stories, and while the app does not release official viewership counts, NBC released their own count earlier this year.

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According to Variety, the multi-media giant garnered a whopping 29 million views in the first month of starting their new snapchat story. While this number is probably inflated because of first month promotion, it allows us to see the amount of people who are tuning into a specific story – a new one at that.

It is safe to say that over a hundred thousand people saw the story on Vice. We don’t have any way of quantifying the number of people who then chose to read the article, but they were all able to see this video:


So why do these numbers matter? It’s simple, good press is one of the most crucial parts of any organization or movement. Over the past two weeks since my article dropped, my mailbox has been flooded with new people wanting to get involved. Leading activist in my field have begun reaching out to partner.

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I’m really excited about working with these people and continuing to build my organization. To those trying to build something new, I suggest you start working on news coverage. Reach out to local reporters or people who frequently write about related topics. Start sending press-releases when new things happen inside your organization.

These kinds of articles will help propel your message and build a wider audience.

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Press – KC

  1. qiaochuchen

    So proud of your achievement! I think press is very important to attract interests from others and spread awareness. I might consider that to help with my project too.

  2. Summer Cai

    Congratulations on such an achievement! I’ve seen your story all over social media last week! Thanks for your tip on building a larger impact for an organization. The media and news coverage definitely facilitate activism a lot. Good luck on your project! I’m excited to see what you will do next!

  3. perlinefeng

    The work you did is absolutely amazing! I definitely think that to advance sex education, the two most important things that need to happen is for people to be aware of the issue, and have access to it. The media and the news definitely have national impact and they will help your project greatly. Congratulations on all your achievements!

  4. mikehyojan

    Wow 2000 shares from Facebook and and over hundred thousand people watching the video on Vice News are amazing! I hope the media can help you promote your project widely and receive helps such as advice and funds.

  5. nalovera

    This is so impressive, KC. I honestly have no idea how you find the time to do all of this on top of your full course load and college applications… I could probably use a lesson in time management from you. Congratulations, though, I’m so glad to see this is finally taking off for you.


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