Quakerism’s Influence on my Activism – KC

My interview  about Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education was just published in Vice News’ Broadly section today titled “This Teen is Paving the Way for LGBTQ Inclusive Sex Ed in Schools”. The following post is a follow-up on the interview, which you can read here.

One of the questions I was asked for my Q&A was “Westtown is a Quaker school. Were you raised Quaker? If so, how has that influenced your path regarding Keystone CASE (if at all)? If not, how has your Quaker schooling influenced your path in any way (if at all)?”

Here’s my response:

“I was never raised Quaker. In fact, I barely knew anything about Quakerism until attending Westtown. But after the past three and half years, I can say with absolute confidence that Westtown has had a profound influence on me as a person and on the work I pursue. Quakerism is, at it’s core, about six things: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. I take these tenants with me in my activism and am deeply motivated by them. It has been a true gift to be part of the Westtown community these past years. A community that believes there is that of god in everyone and values the individuality of us all. We are community that has been on the front lines of injustice and I’m proud to be a Westonian. ”

They cut this question from the final article, but I think it is important. Quakerism has undoubtedly played an important role in my activism and I want to share that with the world.

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Additionally,  it was really exciting that Broadly approached me! I didn’t hassle them for the chance to be featured. All the support has been tremendous, and I’m so thankful to my friends and family who are by my side.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What did you think of the article? How has Quakerism effected the work you purse?

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3 thoughts on “Quakerism’s Influence on my Activism – KC

  1. cleokell

    I’m glad to see that Westtown’s Quaker values have influenced you so positively. It has definitely had a large impact on me and my understanding of the world.

  2. mikehyojan

    Wow, it is awesome that you had an interview with Vice News. Activities through media will have a great impact on you promoting your project.

  3. Gwyneth Turner

    Congratulations on being featured in Vice, KC! I’m glad to hear that Quakerism at Westtown has had such a positive impact on you and your activism. Even though you may not identify as a Quaker yourself, I think you are definitely carrying on the long legacy of Quaker activism by embodying Quaker values in your advocacy for higher quality sex education for all.


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