What is Sister County? – Qiaochu

In my previous blogs, I mentioned many times the concept of establishing a Sister County agreement between two places. However, I haven’t had a chance to talk about what   a Sister County relationship is, the representation behind it, and the effect. So, my blog this week will focus on “What is a Sister County” and some updates on Commissioner Terrence Farrell’s upcoming trip to China.

If two municipalities want to establish a Sister Relationship, they will need to reach agreement on their future interactions and sign a contract that has legal effect. The goal for Sister County Municipalities Relationship is to promote and consolidate friendly cooperation, as well as to enhance the mutual understanding. The agreement usually includes the cooperation to promote cultural awareness, development, and prosperity of both. If willing, they will explore opportunities to establish close relationships in areas of tourism, industry, education, and training, and much more. In the meantime, both municipalities will organize and offer support for potential exchange opportunities. An Agreement follows a general guideline but might be modified according to the two municipalities’ will. The establishment of a sister municipalities relationship will need agreement from all of the commissioners. In the case of Chester County, there will need to be three agreements. I am still working on getting an approval for the establishment of A Sister Municipalities between Yanqinq district and Chester County.

The other exciting news is that  Commissioner Farrell will be visiting China again in October. He will visit from 5th through the 13th. The primary reason for his trip is to go to the groundbreaking for the mushroom production facility in Anhui, which is in the eastern part of China. They established this cooperation through their previous visit to China. Click here to view more.

Chester County generates half of the mushroom production in America, and the Commissioner is trying to further utilize this business potential. The photo below shows Southeast Asian workers working in a mushroom production site in Chester County.

They will be visiting Shanghai from the 6th to the 9th. My parents have set up business meetings for them in Shanghai. I will be writing more about their trip in next week’s blog.


Picture: http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/10/12/162719130/how-a-sleepy-pennsylvania-town-grew-into-americas-mushroom-capital

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