Assistant Teaching – Alec B

As I delve deeper into my project, I see that I am progressing at a much quicker rate than I had expected. I was planning on taking activities on myself towards the end of my time in this classroom, but now I am almost fully immersed in the class.

I took on an assignment that T. Lisa had already started. I hadn’t known the kids that much and I asked T. Lisa if I could develop a small writing assignment about what the students like to know them a little better. Luckily, this kind of activity was already in action. What she had the students lined up for was a blog post called Seesaw that was connected with another sixth grade English class in Iowa. What she had so far was for them to write down their name, an activity and a question for their penpals. She knew more topics had to be added and I was tasked to add more questions to the list. I added about 8 more and they were specific questions like a favorite movie, favorite music, do they have pets and whatnot.

The next day, I handed out sheets of paper that had the activity on it and instructed the kids on what to do. Then, I walked around the room and made sure everyone was on task, which was somewhat difficult, but their work was completed nonetheless. When their writing was completed, they had to get it approved my T. Lisa or myself before they could upload their pieces to the blog. By approved, this meant that the writing was appropriate, good grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.

I had access to the blog site and was registered as a teacher which honestly was a pretty great feeling. However, the one thing that really made me smile was when I went into the dining room during middle school lunch to talk to T. Mitch, all the kids that I was in the class with all said “Hey/hi/how are you
, T. Alec” I couldn’t help but have a smile hearing that. It was a relief that they were warming up to me and that they were shy to me.

I look forward to being more involved with them this coming week.

3 thoughts on “Assistant Teaching – Alec B

  1. Summer Cai

    This is really nice! I have always found middle school students adorable and inspiring! After they’ve gone through their short period of shyness, they are always so sweet and eager to learn. Congratulations on your progress! I’m really looking forward to hearing about what you are going to do with them later!

  2. qiaochuchen

    Aww, the final part of your blog is very sweet. Excited to see your progress in your teaching career. I wonder what did you find very different after being a teacher, what are things we as students don’t see? Continue the great work!

  3. kcmill12

    Exciting to hear you are fully immersed in the classroom. Glad you’re enjoying the project. In eighth grade I took a class where we were able to do something similar and it was great. f course you get to do way more than we did, but reading this is making me nostalgic.


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