Meeting the Congressman! -Qiaochu

My original plan for this week’s blog is to focus on the sister county initiative between Chester County and Yanqing District. However, since that part is mainly logistics and might appear to be boring, I decided to focus this week’s blog on my meeting with the congressman, Ryan Costello. IMG_3016I had the honor of meeting him through Commissioner Terence Farewell, who I have been working with for more than one year. The purpose of our meeting is to discuss the pharmaceutical team’s visit in mid-October and some of the other work I am doing in my independent project. Congressman Costello represents the 6th district in Pennsylvania, which is the a sector of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The map below represents district 6.IMG_3002

A brief introduction to his work is he works on policies in the federal level. He votes in Washington D.C on issues such as health care, tax, veteran’s rights and many more. He also serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to deal with issues regarding telecommunication, reliable energy, and clean energy. According to the District Director Kori Walter, they receive thousands of calls each month from local residents to seek out help and support. Click here to view more about his work.

What interests me the most is his work on health care a since the Chinese delegation visiting Chester County focuses on similar issues. He offered support for my independent study and will also help to find people who will be interested in investment in the Chinese pharmaceutical market. Due to his busy schedule, we were not able to have a detailed discussion on my project or get to know his opinion on the health care system. Nevertheless, I will be having a meeting with the District Director in the first week of October to talk about some future plans. I really enjoyed learning about governmental structure in the U.S and meeting Costello’s team.  My next blog will either focus back to two potential schools in the area that might be a good fit for building exchange programs, or the investigation of the differences between local government structure in Yanqing District, and Chester County.

*Pictures were taken during the meeting.

2 thoughts on “Meeting the Congressman! -Qiaochu

  1. trayhammond

    That’s so cool, Qiaochu! I am now wondering about your previous relationship with Commissioner Terrence Farewell, specifically how you got into contact and what got you here! I’m eager to hear more in the coming weeks!

    1. qiaochuchen Post author

      Thank you for your comments! I met the Commissioner the year I visited Westtown throurgh my guardian, who is my dad’s classmates in MBA. He had been friends with Commissioner Terrance for years and I proposed some ideal on their “China initiative” and started my internship at his office.


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