Week 2: Assistant Teaching- Alec

For my second week, I started my time in the classroom. I’m starting out in the 6th grade English class with Teacher Lisa Cromley. My first day was a bit nerve-racking. I wouldn’t know any of the kids, wouldn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know I should even go. I’m glad I did however.

The first day for me (Monday) consisted of the students giving book reviews about free reads they did over the summer. They had to bring in a few objects that represented the book in a major way. Right off the bat, I saw that these kids were full of creativity and had no trouble in correlating their objects with important parts of the story. They all asked good questions that were based on plot and on theme, which I didn’t expect. I underestimated their capabilities and was pleasantly surprised. Towards the middle of the presentations, I noticed that mostly the boys became quite antsy and didn’t quite focus entirely. T. Lisa did address it, but it seemed they didn’t quite take the warning to heart and continued to be distracting. How could this be addressed better? I’m not sure yet, I don’t know these students so I’m going to observe a bit more.

Day two (Tuesday) Kids continued their presentations and they seemed more focused than the day before. T. Lisa addresses the disturbances more clearly and the kids react in a respectful manner and keep focus. Same good questions, and good discussions.

Day 3 (Wednesday) was more independent work. The kids worked on Membean for 10 minutes and during that time, T. Lisa showed me her dashboard on Membean and the vocabulary range for the students. They are in the Middle School and had a range of 1-3. Most of them were 2s and one 3 and a few 1s. So as a whole, these students had a fairly broad knowledge of vocab. After this, they were to work on revising essays that they wrote for a required book over the summer. The trouble was that comments couldn’t be seen on Canvas from their iPads, so the whole class had to get laptops to work on, but unfortunately, the class was ending so they couldn’t work on them.

Day 4 (Thursday) is my last day in the class for this week. They got the technical difficulties worked out and started revising their essays. They were large paragraph long writings and the focus was on capitalization of proper nouns. The best part of the week is when I got called T. Alec and walked around the room to help students out with grammar, punctuation and other things of that sort. Because I hadn’t read the book, I was useless in helping with plot summaries.

Overall, the start of being in the classroom was very successful and cannot wait for next week where I’ll slowly be getting more involved with the class instead of being an observerDay 1

3 thoughts on “Week 2: Assistant Teaching- Alec

  1. Summer Cai

    This is really interesting! I enjoy working with young children, too. They are always eager for knowledge, but would sometimes have trouble staying focused in class. I’m looking forward to seeing you work with them and try to ameliorate this problem to an extent.

  2. mikehyojan

    You must have been very pleased when you were called T. Alec. I believe you can be a great teacher and an assistant for Westtown middle school students.

  3. kevinwang11

    T. Alec,

    This is an extremely exciting project! I’m glad that you took notes when assisting T. Lisa. For future reference, you might want to think about how to deal with the boredom of the audience when students are presenting in front of the class. You might also want to think about the alternatives or workarounds you have when you encounter any unexpected circumstances such as technical difficulties with Canvas.

    Looking forward to your next blog post!


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