Timing is an Art Form – KC

I’ve reached the point in the development of my organization where great things are happening each week. In the beginning, I’d see a stroke of good luck maybe once a month. And it wouldn’t really matter if I ran to Facebook and announced the news or posted here for the community to see. Now, I find myself having to play closer attention to the release of information.

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Timing is an art form. The right timing can allow for the impact of news to be greater. Instead of running to Facebook and hastily posting an announcement, it’s time to craft statements and build social chatter. I learned a lot about creating buzz this summer from my father, who use to work in Public Relations.

It’s an interesting concept. Especially considering I’m writing this on the Independent Seminar page. In the past semester, I’d spill the good news on this blog. However, since this is a public audience, releasing tidbits of important news can actually leak into other places of the internet and damage the power of a centralized announcement. It’s how I was able to maximize the power of my TD Bank Young Hero Award, and the subsequent articles written.

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I guess this is just my way of hinting at some really great news coming soon. While I can’t  spill it right here, right now, I’m able to tell you the lesson I’ve learned. That timing is an art form and it can really help amplify a message if used properly.

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3 thoughts on “Timing is an Art Form – KC

  1. perlinefeng

    I’m currently writing an essay in English class about time., and I couldn’t agree with you more on the idea that the right timing can result in bigger impact. How time amplifies a message is the center point of this art form. The waiting time allows anticipation and expectation to build up, and I think this is how a message is amplified when it is finally released.

  2. Summer Cai

    I love your discussion of timing as an art form. It is very true that in public communication, the time of a post is almost as important as the content. Waiting time allows people to build up anticipation and buzz about the good news. I think this is exactly the trick TV series are playing. Yet, one have to be careful not to leave too long a wait time that the enthusiasm dies down. I think you are using timing really wisely now: you’ve already grabbed my attention. Looking forward to hearing your good news!

  3. qiaochuchen

    I also really agree on how timing can make an impact on our lives. I just started to realize this in my senior year. Hope we can all use our time well and amplify the result. Looking forward to hearing some more great news.


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