I Feel Good (I Knew That I Would) – Tray

This past week has been filled with good news, both inside and outside of my project. Within my project, I have found a few monologues that I would like to hone in on. I am currently looking through Great Monologues for Young Actors and Outstanding Stage Monologs and Scenes from the ’90s. This coming week, I will be delving deeper into–pardon my French–“‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore” and “Dead or Alive”. I will soon be talking with T. Betsy or T. Victoria about the possibility of buying more recent monologue books for the library, as I feel that our current selection may be a little dated, as well.



Some of you may not know that I went to Seattle this summer to practice both voiceover and on-camera acting with my aunt, Gin Hammond. Near the end of my two-week endeavor, she and I recorded a commercial reel! Just a few days ago, she put me in contact with the sound engineer who will make edits, but here is the rough audio (if interested):  I hope to continue my acting independent next semester with a focus on voiceover and on-camera acting rather than theater, so this may not be the last you hear of this!



Finally, I have some big college news! I’ve been selected for two college fly-in programs: Perspectives on Pomona! (POP!) and Windows On Williams (WOW), both of which are in early October. When the time comes, I will be sure to share my interests in the colleges as well as the acting programs they offer. I have a vague idea, but I’m sure that it will be much different to experience them at the college!


(Elements Dance Ensemble Canvas)

As an update for my engagement in performing arts at school, I am extremely excited for Big Love. The cast had our first weekend rehearsal this past Saturday. I’m enjoying my role as Nikos! Furthermore, I auditioned for the Elements Dance Ensemble last Wednesday and have been chosen to be a performing member! I had my first practice on Saturday, and I am loving it! I am also taking voice lessons on Tuesdays with T. Rebecca Field in preparation for the winter musical, Fiddler on the Roof, as well as my goal to become a triple threat (singing, dancing, acting), for that will open up more doors in the greater acting world!

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading!

Tray Hammond ’18

Side Note: This week’s post was inspired by an article I read by Katherine Brooks, whose blend of seriousness and comedy in her writing is something I admire and aspire to attain.

1 thought on “I Feel Good (I Knew That I Would) – Tray

  1. qiaochuchen

    I really like how you incorporates your work in your blog for others to get a sense of what you are doing. It is very interesting to listen to your work. Congrats on getting into those programs and looking forward to more great works in the future.


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