Charity and Suffering – Perline

What is the power and value of charity in the face of suffering?

Because the origin of my independent project goes back to a small charity, I decided to make charity the topic of my second blog.

The best kind of help or charity is the kind that supports ideas and thoughts because ideas are precious and worthy (Liu JunNing). There are three types of charity. The first one is giving the physical supplies that are needed. For example, when there is a famine, giving food and water is a kind of charity. The second type of charity is giving people the skills they need to sustain themselves. Education is a perfect example of this kind of charity. The third kind of charity is putting the targeted people in the state where they no longer need help.

I first learned about the Christian village through a small non-government charity organization. Throughout the years, this organization has been giving physical supplies to the village and funding a school in the village. However, there is only so much a small charity can do. In 2016, this village caught the Chinese government’s attention, and the government invested 80 billion Yuan (Chinese currency) in this village for the infrastructure. Compared to this number, the work the small charity had done seemed like nothing. However, the reconstruction the government did is trying to change the way people live. Ideas are changed. The purpose of the government’s reconstruction became a way to show power. It’s almost like a message that the government is more powerful than Christianity because it is the government that’s improving people’s lives.

1 thought on “Charity and Suffering – Perline

  1. Summer Cai

    This is really interesting! I really liked your three definitions/levels of charity. I believe that the government provided the basis for first level of charity, physical supplies. Christianity, however, provided education, the second level. Hopefully, with time, a balance of the two will bring the third degree of charity where the people no longer need help.


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