Back to the Studio – Cleo

I started choreography today. It was my first time in the dance studio this year. Nearly immediately, I noticed how challenging it was to get back into the flow of movement. What I ended up doing was sitting in front of my computer with a pen and paper; and writing down every single thing that came into my head for each section of the song.52746697583__88EB128E-0649-4550-9FEC-2B3229CF3643.JPG

Working from there, I was able to put a few movements together. When T. Jenny, my mentor, came in for our meeting at the tail end of this session, she seemed excited. We talked about what I had planned and what I had been working on. The conclusion that the two of us came to was that, while it is great to see technically proficient dancing, the thing that makes a truly spectacular dance is the emotions behind each movement, and how they are conveyed. That’s where I feel that I excel. And so I’m hopeful that I will put something together that I’ll be truly proud of. Thinking back on emotionally driven dances that really inspired me, I most fondly remember this one. I remember how the dancer, Phillip Chbeeb, caught my attention with his authentic movements and powerful message. He’s always been an inspiration for me in my art in all of it’s forms, and I hope to apply some of what I see in his work to my own.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Studio – Cleo

  1. trayhammond

    Cleo, I was very intrigued as to why so much time one the dance studio schedule was dedicated to you. I asked T. Jenny about it on Saturday, and I now have a brief description of what you’re doing. I think it’s so awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about the project (a potential video??)! I wish you many more insightful visits to the studio 🙂

  2. perlinefeng

    I’ve had similar experience before with piano. When I stop practicing for more than 2 weeks, my fingers become stiff. I feel like my brain can’t control my fingers as I want them to. But it definitely gets better as you practice more and build those connections between the brain cells.


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