Semester Goals – KC

Last semester I was able to reach a large majority of my goals. This year, the Independent Seminar is not built into my schedule. I added it on top of 6 other courses because of my dedication to advancing sex education in this country. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m tight with time, but still have a long list of goals. This semester I’m focusing on financial planning, team expansion, and event planning.

The organization is slated to become an official 501(c)4 in January. This is the perfect opportunity to plan a kick-off party. Hopefully this kick-off event will raise money for the organization and jumpstart the finances.

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Apart from the official filing, I’ll need a team to help build the momentum that I’ve already created. This will require a lot of outreach and networking. I need to fill a whole host of postings. But there is one big problem. I can’t pay them! So these people have to be dedicated to the cause, just like I am. If you are interested in joining the team, click here!

The financial plan for 2018 is probably the biggest challenge. I will need to develop a plan to keep the organization afloat as we approach our one year mark. The GoFundMe crated last year was a successful way to kickstart Keystone CASE, but cannot sustain a fully operational organization.






1 thought on “Semester Goals – KC

  1. mikehyojan

    Hi KC, I received your email about fundraising by selling Keystone Coalition shirts for your project. I am glad that I can contribute to your project by purchasing them. I hope you can reach your goal in raising money!


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