Assistant Teaching – Alec

The start of my independent project goes all the way back to my 7th grade English class. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that class would become my inspiration to pursue education as my interest of study. I was so enthralled in that teacher’s style that it never left my mind. He made that class hands on, which is not something I thought was possible in an English class. Everything was a game, a puzzle, a map, or some other kind of activity that kept our class deeply immersed in the material. Now, that’s what I want to give to kids in my later years. How will I start? Right here in Westtown by observing middle school classes and learning things from the teachers’ perspective. I will be observing English classes and when the end of my observation period comes which is roughly three weeks, I will help teach a class or help with an activity with kids. I will start with 6th grade and work my way up to 8th grade.

I feel that this project will really help me understand what education truly means before I pursue it in college. It will give me insight to teacher/student relationships, teaching styles, and ways to handle difficult situations should they come up. I believe that this is my first step into a career in that it will give me real experience that will prepare me ahead of time before college.

So far, I have communicated with the middle school principal to talk about my aspirations with this project, reached out to my first teacher, and discussed with my mentor how my project will come about. I am a bit apprehensive about taking this project on. I have never done anything like this, especially by myself. I’m not saying I’m not excited, I truly am. I am beyond excited that I can do this in my own school and that I can do it my way. I am excited to interact with the kids, learn from them as well as the teachers and learn from myself. I am excited that I have taken this responsibility on myself and had the support from so many people. 

Hopefully next week I will start my time in the classroom and that all goes well. For now, I pray and prepare for what is about to come.

Middle school

3 thoughts on “Assistant Teaching – Alec

  1. kevinwang11

    Alec, this is a very interesting project! Can’t wait to see you become a TA in the middle school! Best of luck to you and hopefully I can keep up with your blog posts.

  2. trayhammond

    I didn’t even think a project like this was even possible! I’m looking forward to hearing more, especially in the context of what you observe and when you begin! Good luck, Alec!

  3. qiaochuchen

    This is so interesting! I think this is a great opportunity for you to embark on your future study of education. I would be looking forward to hear more about your experience as a teacher.


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