Back on Track – KC

For many students, the summer is a time primarily to relax and binge watch the latest Netflix shows. Don’t get me wrong, I did do my fair share of relaxing in St. Croix and plowing through episodes of Shameless. But most of my time was spent working. Both on my nonprofit and full-time job at Jaco Taco.

Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education saw enormous success over the summer. Our social media presence greatly expanded, I launched the website, and hosted the first public event (You can access the website at Each of these milestones has helped build momentum to continue to advance sex education in Pennsylvania.

In addition, I received the TD Bank Young Hero Award presented by the National Liberty Museum for my work in this seminar project to create Keystone CASE. This was a great honor which led to press exposure. See more details here!

As for the future, I hope to see greater success this semester. Much of the work will be behind the scenes organizing in preparation for January’s official 501(c)5 launch. I bought two “textbooks” for this semester: “The Everything Nonprofit Toolkit” and “Nonprofit Toolkit for Dummies”. These will help me navigate the complexities of creating and operating my own entity.

This semester will be more challenging than last. I am taking a completely full course load with the Independent Seminar as my 7th class. I will need to work hard at using my time correctly. It was tough in the first week of school because of a canvas miscommunication but now I can access all my deadlines. I am back on track.

3 thoughts on “Back on Track – KC

  1. mikehyojan

    Congratulations for your success and expanse in Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education and award for TD Bank Young Hero Award! I hope you can use your time wisely for a busy semester to make your project more successful.

  2. trayhammond

    It was really awesome to follow your organization’s success this summer! Coming from a person who was not offered sex education in a small town, rural environment in Martin, TN, I think what you’re doing is really amazing. I’m excited to see your next post!

  3. perlinefeng

    Speaking from a friend’s perspective, I am so proud of the work you’ve done. Sex education is so important right now, and I’m glad that through your work, more people have access to it. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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