Bridges through- starts in 2017 – Qiaochu

I had the honor of meeting one of the Chester County commissioners through my guardian the year I visited Westtown. Because of this connection I was able to create an internship for myself. Since the very end of my sophomore year, I started my internship in Chester County’s commissioner’s office. Most recently, I wanted to help a district in Beijing  build connections with Chester County and possibly have some school exchange project. With this goal in mind, I visited Yanqing District in Beijing, China this summer.  Yanqing District is located in the north-western part of Beijing. My primary goal visiting Yanqing was to follow-up on what was being discussed in May, 2017. The Commissioner of Chester County and a group of entrepreneurs visited the district, looking for ways they could connect and build business initiatives. The primary goal for my visit was to learn about the district and find ways for potential connections. Yanqing district is physically large, mountainous, and heavily forested. u3329p704t93d3108f3923dt20090724091954With the abundent natural moutains and waters, the district puts a lot of emphasis on environmental protection. For the same reason, there are barely any factories in the district. With the fundemenntal concept of preserving the environment, the district administrator wanted to import technology from Chester County. An entrepreneur from Chester County focusing on solar energy visited in in May as well, hoping to partner with counterparts in Chaina and promote solar energy in China.

Another thing provided by the natural environment is the opportunity  for the development of tourism. One of the most famous sights at Yanqing is the Great Wall, attracting ten million visitors every year. There are other sights including the Longing valley. However, the infrastructure near these sights is still underdeveloped. Technological help and foreign investment are needed to boost tourism up to the next level. Chester County can certainly look into investment plans and ways to introduce American companies (hotels) to the local Chinese market.

During the visit, I gained a lot of useful information from numerous people. I am currently working on making my list of notes into a detailed proposal that will be handed to the commissioner in my upcoming intern visit. I am very excited to be a bridge from a local government in China to a local government in the US. In the meantime, a group of business leaders focusing on pharmaceutical production will be visiting soon. My next blog will focus on the pharmaceutical company and some feed back on the Chinese initiative in Chester County.

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