Beginning – Cleo

For my independent project this semester, I’m looking at how artistic vision translates between media. My goal is to tell a story through the media of writing, music, dance, and visual art, and see what is lost and gained in each rendition.

I knew that I wanted to start with a piece by someone else, extrapolate meaning from it, and piece it into a written story of my own. I scoured the internet, following recommended artists from friends and making excellent use of the “People also Search for” function, until I stumbled upon Interesni Kazki’s blog. The Ukrainian street art duo had a few pieces that really caught my attention. None more than this one:

Seller of black holes HR

AEC. “The Seller of Black Holes.” Blogspot, Interesni Kazki Art Group, 28 Feb. 2015,

I knew that this was the one. I did research on it’s location and meaning so that I could figure out what about it I felt pertained to the story I wanted to tell. Through the whole writing process I always came back to the image. My story came together in the span of a couple of week’s worth of dutiful writing. Here you can find a copy of the story I wrote over the summer.

Once the story was done, I got to work on the song. What I thought was most important to the story (and what I most wanted to see in the song) were the emotional transformations of my character. He goes from cynical, to defeated, to hopeful. I needed my song above all else to tell the story of that journey. I divided the song into three sections, one for each of those emotions. Then I though critically about the story, what in the words could be translated into sounds for the song. For instance in the beginning, the cynical section, I wanted to capture the weight of the heat. So I used heavy drumming that brought me back to a place of sweltering summer heat. The most current version of my song can be found here. It is going to be tweaked a little bit in the coming months, however, I feel like this is an excellent jumping off point as I begin to choreograph the dance.

3 thoughts on “Beginning – Cleo

  1. perlinefeng

    This is a really interesting topic! From an audience’s perspective, I think the losses and gains can depend on people’s personal experiences and understandings of the art piece. For example, I don’t know much about music, so a visual art piece may speak more to me than music. What I’m trying to say is that different people have different ways of understanding and evaluating different art works, so the losses and gains will be different when viewed by different individuals.

  2. Summer Cai

    That’s a fascinating project! I’m also really interested in adaptations of art between media and throughout time. I do believe that individual interpretations and re-adaptations are dependent to the adaptor’s personal experience. Also, the meaning of an artwork is never complete until the audience have seen and made sense of it. Our understandings of art can show a lot about ourselves and of our society. I’m really looking forward to seeing your further posts!

  3. qiaochuchen

    This topic is very interesting! I think it would be fascinating to see which part of the story is kept through each media. Obviously the space for each media is different. I think this project is a great way for us to think about the impact of media on our understanding of story. Looking forward to see you progress on this project.


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