A Final Look Back – Ricky


A Final Look Back


This is my 24th blog post, after two whole semesters of conducting an independent seminar/research on finance and entrepreneurship. This semester has definitely gone smoother than the last one has, and I am incredibly thankful for what these two semesters have taught me.

I have learned how to conduct my own research on a subject that I am interested in, learned the incredible importance of a good, detailed plan when trying to carry out a project, and most importantly, the joy of being able to study a subject that I enjoy. During the course of 9 months, I learnt to enjoy researching and self-acquiring knowledge on a subject that I genuinely like finding out about. It was also a great preparation for my college major, since I will be majoring in Business for the next four years of my academic endeavors.

I also made many mistakes and learnt from them. In the first semester, I could not make my plan for an entrepreneurship competition a reality due to inadequate attention to detail in the planning phase. Therefore, this semester, I made sure that I put in a significantly greater amount of effort in planning the second semester, which ensured my semester’s academic endeavors to sail smoothly. However, the immense effort that I put into the planning phase got back on me one thing. I could not complete the load of coursework that I planned to, because I sort of overestimated myself and underestimated the amount of work that the courses online were.

In the end, the independent seminar was a very enriching experience. Acquiring the responsibilities of conducting my own research will definitely help me more than it will hurt me in college, and the importance of planning that I also learnt will stay with me forever in life. If anybody else has a subject they are passionate about a subject and Westtown does not provide it, I strongly recommend undertaking this course and the valuable lessons that come with it.


Image source: https://ceotrust.org/Resources/Pictures/looking-back.jpeg


2 thoughts on “A Final Look Back – Ricky

  1. Yiheng

    I agree so much that a detailed plan is necessary! I am in awe with how much depth you are navigating through your project! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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