Clean Up Work – KC

This week has been a lot of tedious work. I have been editing my first draft of the Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act 2017, fixing my citations, and adding to my annotated bibliography. I touched base with the lawyer who is helping me fill out the paperwork for incorporation and finally have a reliable graphic designer. Hopefully by mid-may the design aspect, including the logo and coloring, of Keystone CASE will be complete. Another goal of mine is to have all the filing paperwork complete by the end of the year.

In addition, I’ve begun thinking about building a board of directors. I need to find a balance of people with time, treasure, and talent. But not everyone will have all three. I definitely have a few names in mind. I started researching bylaws and figuring out how I was to organize the leadership of Keystone CASE. This is probably the most complicated part of the entire project so far. I’ll need to meet with an expert who can help me understand a bit more about nonprofit organization.

I also ran my first successful petition as an organization. With the power of the internet and my social feeds, I was able to get 700 signatures on my petition demanding the United Nations intervene in the atrocious Chechnyan gay concentration camps. While this may not seem like a lot of signatures, it is the most I’ve ever gotten on You can view the petition and sign here.

3 thoughts on “Clean Up Work – KC

  1. india.henderson

    It is so inspiring to see that a student and young person like me, can be doing these amazing things outside of school, in addition to being an active member of our Westtown community. You are doing great work, KC! I am so excited to see how this all works out! 🙂

  2. kevinwang11

    Impressive work, KC!
    Could you talk a little more about what paperwork you need to fill for Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act 2017?

  3. henryzuckerberg

    KC you’re really firing on all fronts here. Hat off to you, brilliant. How do you manage to fit it all in?


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