Representation – Amaan

I want a wide array of voices and experiences I did some filming last week of filming Sophia Malatesta and after filming I realized that I did not have a lot of representation in my short film. I only filmed a few interviews so far but I realized that I mainly have a lot of Asian American perspective. I find this incredibly interesting because in mass media the voice of Asian people are usually missing or very underrepresented and I love having this perspective within my film. The perspective of beauty through an Asian American lens is one that I never hear and I believe to be important.  However, I realized that I would like a large variety of voices that are barely heard within media. I decided to interview Cleo later this week and ask her about her experiences as a trans woman. I’m curious to hear about her experiences dealing with the concepts of beauty at Westtown and within the broader community.

I hope to reach out to more women of color and maybe some men


I also found some other videos that I’m grabbing inspiration from. They’re all from I-D magazine. The videos feel intimate and personal and that is something I hope to recreate in my video. Also, the visuals are beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Representation – Amaan

  1. riadas99

    It’s great that you’re trying to find people of different identities aside from race. Beauty doesn’t just differ between people’s races


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