The Lake Project: Calling an Audible – Dex

From the beginning, the plan for my project has been to create a catalog of species that I photograph from around the lake. The idea was simple: take a photo, figure out what species it is, give it a page in the book. However, if things go well, I might be making a bit of a change to the finished product. I might have to call an audible, a term used in football to describe a play a quarterback decides on after everyone is ready to go.

I have been in contact with T. Greg Cross over the past couple of weeks talking about a mapping software that he has access to. It has mapped the areas around campus, and the idea (credits to T. Margaret), is to effectively have pins on a map of the lake that you can click on and see the exact location I spotted a species.

Furthermore, it would have all the information that would be included in the catalog otherwise. The scientific name, range, characteristics, and a description of its lake habitat. This could completely change the way my catalog is preserved in the future, which is quite exciting.

If all goes well, this will make the catalog far more useful to the school as it will be easier to access and hopefully more attractive for students to use. Sadly, I do not know whether this is final or not yet, as T. Greg is waiting to hear back from his contact at the software company.

As for how the rest of the project is going, things are right on track. With the leaves off the trees, I have made a few trips down to the lake to try and capture birds as this is one of the best times of the year for that. In a few weeks, I will be working largely on trees, lots of photos that will be easy to capture and catalog.

On a side note, I was finally able to go out and canoe on the lake this week! It was very fun and exciting, but the sun was behind the clouds and it was a slightly chillier day than ones before which made the turtles hard to find and especially skittish. However, it was good to be able to scope it out for another visit so that I can try to capture a few good images of birds that will be on or over the water and the turtles that live in the pond (especially the snappers).

Sorry I don’t have any exciting pictures, but I have been working on other stuff this week!

See you next week,


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