Reflecting- Ricky

The semester is almost over, and I’m inching closer and closer to graduation. My independent study this semester was so much more better structured than it was last semester, and I think it has been much easier because I put more time into planning out the details of how the course was going to go. However, I am still a little bit behind the schedule, because I did not expect the courses to be double the workload they were the last semester. This is only to say that I am behind on the blog posts, because it is insanely difficult to squeeze over two hours of online lectures into one page of a blog post. The learning is very much on track.


As the time approaches for a final product, I am starting to think more and more about what I want it to be this year. Last time, I presented a lesson plan that I had to T. Susan Waterhouse, the math department head, T. Carolyn Hapeman, my adviser for this independent seminar, and T. Margaret Haviland, the head of the independent research program. One suggestion that I got from last time was to maybe attempt to improve my public speaking skills my going up on stage during an assembly, and I’m seriously considering that option right now. I think that practicing my public speech skill will come in incredibly handy for what I want to major in at college, which is business (Hotel Administration to be more exact).


As graduation is approaching, I am finding it harder to pull myself to do the work that I need to be doing, especially since this is an independent seminar, where all studies are carried out by myself. However, at the same time, I have this strong incline to finish strong and leave behind a good impression of myself to the program, and be a valuable resource to it for students who want to pursue their academic interests outside the classroom. Therefore, I’ll work hard to end on a good note, and finish the year out strong. I’ll have to do this in college anyways, so might as well get it done now.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting- Ricky

  1. cynthiaruan

    I feel you. I’ve been procrastinating so much with this course but I also really want to produce something great since I’m doing what I’m actually passionate about. I hope you decide to present in an assembly. I think your project is pretty cool and it’ll be great for everyone to learn about it.

  2. india.henderson

    I feel exactly the same way as you two. I am super passionate about race and race relations and my class with T. Mauricio, but the end of the year and all of the stress that comes with it is making me feel a bit overwhelmed. Similarly to both of you though, I want to finish strong. Ricky, I love your message about wanting to leave behind something for students who are passionate about your topic and independent study in general, and I am hoping to do that as well/make the most of these last few weeks. 🙂


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