I finished something…

I finally finished the senior retreat video.

It feels really good to have finished a video this semester. I was beginning to be a little scared and anxious that I was not going to have any material finished by the end of the year. I feel like I can breathe a little easier now and stress a little less.

I wanted the video to have a home movie feel. So the aspect ratio is different, I added film grain, and some other effects to make the video look “bad” in quality. Originally, I had some trouble deciding how I was going to compile the footage, I soon came to the idea of an old home video. While I was looking back through the footage I was starting to have an almost nostalgic feeling, even though the retreat happened a couple of weeks ago. I thought nostalgia and VHS home video go hand in hand. The trip felt like more than just a class retreat; we all bonded like a family so I thought the idea of a family home video was fitting.


4 thoughts on “I finished something…

  1. henryzuckerberg

    Wow this is awesome. I didn’t even notice you filming while I was there. Do you try as a filmer to not be seen?

  2. india.henderson

    I LOVE this! I often leave trips feeling sad that I will never be able to relive the special moments I had there, but this video brought me back to the retreat. You definitely captured the family aspect and I am so excited to watch this a year from now and remember our class! Thank you, Amaan!


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