How I Met Your Mother – Defying “The One” | Cynthia

As you can see, this week’s blog is going to be more of a tangent. I procrastinated a little too much last week so I have to do two blogs this week and I just don’t have the time or energy to write two film reviews back to back. (Learn from my mistakes people) I’m currently binge-watching How I Met Your Mother for probably the tenth time around and I thought it would be interesting to share some of my thoughts on the show. I’ve been writing about some pretty sad and heavy films so it’s nice to have a change of direction and talk about the theme of love in one of my all-time favorite comedy.


If you have watched the show from start to finish, you know that the finale has a huge twist of plot that angered a lot of people, myself included. I was pretty pissed off that the mother I’ve been waiting for for nine seasons is killed off after only one season of appearance, and the “happy ending” between Ted and Robin just seems like too much of a cliché.

Yet after several more rounds of binge-watching, I started to see that this “cliché” may just be the perfect ending to the show. While HIMYM might appear to fall in the line of every cheesy romantic comedy, it is actually trying to get the opposite message across. Ted is labeled as a hopeless, insufferable romantic from the very beginning. He talks and dreams about meeting “the one” yet every time it seems like he has, their relationship takes a turn for the worse. That says a lot about the show’s stance on love. There is no such thing as destiny. True love and the maintenance of it is always earned. Ted had to learn that the hard way. After all the heartaches and rejections, the Ted standing downstairs of Robin’s apartment holding a blue French horn in the last episode is no longer the same Ted with that same blue French horn from nine years ago. He still believes in love and he has in no ways turned cynical, but he has finally learned to use his well-meaning grand gestures when they are truly called for. Thus the death of the mother, who everyone thought was “the one” for Ted is in fact very consistent with the show’s central idea. And his getting together with Robin in the end only proves that there can be more than one perfect person for everyone.

Lastly, here’s a clip from the first episode that perfectly captures the essence of the old Ted.










2 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother – Defying “The One” | Cynthia

  1. amaanstewart

    I never really got into How I Met Your Mother but now I’m thinking I should give it another try. Do you think that there are other shows similar to this?

  2. Silver Fu

    I like how you said “there is no such thing as destiny. True love and the maintenance of it is always earned.” This echoes well with your title.


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