Progress Update on Keystone CASE – KC

At this point in my Independent Project, I’ve started to draft my actual piece of legislation titled “The Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act” amending the PA Code of Schools of 1949, an antiquated piece of legislation that needs sex education updates. I’ve learned how to fundraise, network, market my brand, engage on social media, access scientific research primary sources, and more. I’ve also obtained the fictitious name through the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, I’ve been doing work updating my annotated bibliography with the help of Teacher Betsy and T Victoria, our amazing librarians.

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A lot of the infrastructure of Keystone CASE is being built by contractors and volunteers. The website and graphics will be complete by a West Chester based duo who are reducing their price as a donation. The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are going to get completed with the help of a Westtown Alumni who practices law in Maine. All this progress is very exciting. I can’t wait to share my research and writings through my Keyston CASE blog.

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As with many of the Independent Projects, our timeline gets changed after we fully immerse ourselves into the task. I think Keystone CASE has definitely been slightly delayed so I could get a firm grasp on the facts and understandings of comprehensive sex education and their important pieces of legislation before fully pushing forward my own legislation. I did not want to sacrifice timeliness for a quality understanding of the issue. This delay means I might not be able to start lobbying for my legislation until the summer.


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2 thoughts on “Progress Update on Keystone CASE – KC

  1. riadas99

    You seem to be making a lot of progress from when you started. I think it would be great if you displayed all of this work to the student body and faculty especially and publicize it more here on campus.


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