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This week, I mostly wrote new content, some of which is below in it’s raw, unedited form. Aside from that, I planned and mapped out a slightly different story arc than what I had originally created. This was because in my last conference with my editor, we figured out that some of the plot points and their relationships to specific characters just didn’t really mesh. So, I created a different chain of events and even deleted a character or two and created a new, and hopefully better, storyline. More on that another time though. Instead, here’s some of this past week’s work:


“Carter, you got any idea when we’re gonna get some chow?”

I paused and looked at Wilson who had asked me the question. He was a younger warrior just a year out of the Scout’s Vanguard. He brushed his long blonde hair behind his ears, switched the hands in which he held his rifle, and cleared his throat as if he were expecting something

“Cooks said they’d bring it out to us within the hour. My guess is, it’ll be a little longer. You didn’t eat lunch did you?”

“Nah, I was hustling about. Too much goin on, so I could only grab a couple of bites of jerky.”

“Well shit, why didn’t you tell me sooner? You know I could’ve gotten you some chow. It’s been five fucking hours man.”

“It ain’t a problem. Really. It ain’t. Besides, I knew you was doin your best to figure out something to go and find the others. You know. The missing.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Well, looks like all that’s gotta go on hold. Shit, perimeter duty is better than nothing else, right?”

“I guess so, I just don’t believe anything or anyone’d be dumb enough to attack us now that we’re all on guard. They’d have to have massive numbers. And it’s not like they’d come up this fuckin hill,” Wilson said, pointing down the wide and open hill on the edge of the perimeter that we were watching. He was right, of course, an attack up that hill would be idiocy, but we all had our duties. I had agreed to watch this sector with Wilson because, lieutenant or not, I was just another warrior, and I had to pull with the rest.

“Well, people are like wild beasts, you can’t predict ‘em. Not like you can with another one of us in the ring. A savage’d come up this rise the moment you looked away. You can’t predict ‘em.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. You’d know better than I would.”

“Besides, once we get a little chow in you, I think you’ll be a little more able to focus. Am I right?”

Wilson smiled, “You ain’t wrong there.”

“Tell you what, I’m gonna go back and check what the cooks are up to and see if I can get you some chow ahead of time.”

“Ah, no you don’t gotta do that. I ain’t starving. And anyways, we gotta keep on the lookout. I ain’t gonna have some fuckin hostiles sneak up on me when I ain’t lookin and you’re off doin something kind for me, no sir.”

“No, listen, I’m the lieutenant and I got some years on you. You can’t stop me from doing you a favor. You’re my warrior and my brother after all. I’ll be back as soon as I got some chow.” I rose and turned from Wilson.

“Fine, just don’t take too long. Two pairs of eyes on the perimeter are better than one.”

“Oh I know it.”

I walked back into camp, but as soon as I knew I was out of Wilson’s sight, I swung my rifle onto my back and broke into a jog. I wasn’t looking for the cooks. Night was falling and I needed to get going. I kept out of the light and headed for the western side of camp. Whenever I heard voices or movements ahead of me, I hung back in the shadows. Quickly and carefully, I made my way behind a vacant tent, at which place I had stashed a pack full of provisions I would need for my journey. The perimeter in front of me was manned by two warriors who hadn’t noticed my approach, keeping their eyes trained in front of them.


Thanks for reading, and speaking of post apocalyptic fiction, here’s one of the new books I’m reading: One Year After


1 thought on “Writing and more writing – Will

  1. dexcoengilbert

    I love watching movies or reading books that are largely based on dialogue, so I love this little peek at your novel. Well-written, natural-sounding dialogue is so difficult to capture, but you have done an excellent job.


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